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HUNDLEY MED is determined to help our Physician Clinic Partners overcome the inherent challenges they face so they can focus on patient care instead of supply chain concerns. In response, we are proud to introduce the Physician Clinic - Dedicated Supply & In-House Delivery Program, specifically developed to help clinics overcome:

  • Limited Storage Space

  • Persistent Backorders

  • Increasing Cost of Supplies

  • Inconsistent Delivery Schedules

  • Lack of Communication & Transparency from Vendors


HUNDLEY MED is rapidly expanding our Physician Clinic Dedicated Supply and Delivery Program to increase consistency, lower costs, and bring vendor optionality to our Physician Clinic Partners.

With our in-house delivery service we are now offering the ability to establish standard, recurring delivery schedule on a monthly or weekly basis. This consistency will enable us to gauge the true burn rate of supply and adjust accordingly. In the meantime, our Physician Clinic Partners can remain focused on patient care as we ensure continuity of supply. Along with consistent and fixed delivery dates, we offer next day and same day delivery if needed.

Our in-house delivery program is powered by our distribution/ fulfillment and dedicated supply operations. Whether we start with one SKU to get the ball rolling or supply our entire catalog, the product will be dedicated to our Physician Clinic Partners. Therefore, as we start the program our field sales reps and delivery team will monitor supply and create a forecast of future requirements of each SKU we provide a clinic. Once we establish the burn rate, HUNDLEY MED will ensure on-time delivery and secure inventory by transferring inventory from central warehousing to local fulfillment warehouses near our Medical Clinic Partners.


  • Assigned Sales Rep and In-House Delivery Manager - to ensure open lines of communication at all times.

  • Dedicated Inventory to Overcome Shortages - whether we supply one of the 1,600+ standard catalog products or provide our entire catalog, we will monitor burn rate to adjust inventory levels in real-time to ensure we have the product, when you need it.

  • Manufacturer Direct Benefits - including full supply chain transparency and guaranteed savings.

  • In-House Door-to-Door Order Deliveries -  to increase delivery consistency and enable Physician Clinic to exchange product on-site, request an order change, or answer additional questions. All of this is accomplished by deploying our in-house delivery service.

  • Next-Day & Same-Day Delivery Options Available – additional fees may apply



  1. Request a Call from one of our dedicated Sales Reps.

  2. Determine initial products that the Physician Clinic requires on a fairly consistent basis.

  3. Receive a guaranteed saving price quote for the selected items

  4. Arrange first delivery and schedule ongoing deliveries based on availability, urgency, and inventory levels.

  5.  Start saving money immediately – increase these savings by adding more SKU’s to the delivery program.

  6. Focus on patient care, we’ll take care of the inventory management, logistics, and any other issues.


एक उद्धरण की विनती करे

HUNDLEY MED is currently in the process of expanding. We are currently limited to half of the United States that have territories with enough Physician Clinics within a reasonable distance from each other to support local fulfillment. If you are located in an area that we don’t currently have fulfillment program, we will utilize our pick & pack services from central warehousing to deliver your supplies until we are able to grow in the territory with additional clinics.

Contact your dedicated Sales Rep/ Account Manager or Schedule a Call to learn more about our services and to get started lowering cost, and lowering frustration!

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