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HUNDLEY MED is a dedicated supply chain partner to healthcare providers throughout the United States and beyond our borders.  As a distributor of premier medical supplies and equipment across the continuum of care, we offer unique supply chain solutions to deliver alternative and diverse supply lines to create a more resilient supply chain for our customers. 

Our full range of products with equivalent (or greater) quality and usability aren't part of the "pooled" system that most relied on in the past. Delivering dedicated supply lines to our clients (even if it's only 10% of their total supply) provides counterbalance to the major suppliers. This increased supply chain diversity is essential to protect against unforeseen supply disruptions and creates opportunity to save money with lower cost average.

Our supply capability of high-quality medical supplies and equipment has strengthened from implementing a rolling inventory of critical products, streamlining our distribution/ fulfillment process with real-time tracking, and developing unique supply chain solutions that increase efficiency, decrease supply costs, and improve outcomes. We believe real-time visibility of the supply chain/ inventory and having a procurement program with balanced, diverse, and dedicated supply lines is essential to overcoming supply chain challenges. We are driven to provide the solutions to accomplish this and be a valuable partner today and in the future.


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The Hundley Med Account Portal will go live soon. This will allow clients to build a RFQ or build a PO to place an order direct on the portal. Our team will confirm PO, ship items, and bill the appropriate party with the established terms. For multi-facility organizations this portal will benefit group purchasing efforts, each facility can order direct, connect with an assigned account manager, plus we will have real-time reporting of total spend within a group (and associated discounts).


Hundley Med aims to become the first medical supply company that attaches RFID tracking to EVERY product we deliver. We've worked closely with our manufacturing partners to get this accomplished, once completed, healthcare organizations that use RFID inventory management will no longer have to manually affix these chips on arrival. Incoming deliveries will automatically upload to the inventory management software, which will streamline delivery process, eliminate leakages, and enable real-time visibility of facility supply chain and inventory.


Bridging the gap between healthcare organizations and the hidden talent of highly skilled, qualified, and dedicated healthcare professionals beyond our borders. Hundley Med is going beyond supplies and equipment by providing workforce solutions to our healthcare partners. Our team has developed meaningful relationships with international medical universities. In turn, we become the preferred agency for recently graduated healthcare professionals that are looking to work in the USA. We believe connecting these highly skilled, qualified, and dedicated healthcare professionals with our outstanding healthcare partners will perfectly align to help ease any near (or long) term staff shortages.

Learn more about our medical and clinical lab products, supply chain solutions, and more:
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